What colors match a light gray parquet?

What colors match a light gray parquet?

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Gray parquet, a timeless

Timeless, more original than wood-colored parquet, gray parquet still has long days ahead of him. It is particularly suitable for a contemporary interior, loft or apartment style.

Depending on the type of shade chosen and the intensity of the gray, you will get a different style in your interior. Industrial, Scandinavian or even classic decoration: it goes with everything!

Gray parquet can be declined in solid wood, but also in laminated parquet or floating parquet. It's up to you to choose the type of parquet that suits you, and that fits your budget.

Gray and blue parquet for a seaside style

When we think of gray parquet, we immediately see driftwood beached. This salt-worn wood has a vintage and natural look that is both very trendy.

The seaside theme is therefore obvious. Thus, you will understand that your parquet will match perfectly with different shades of blue that will evoke the open sea.

From very dark blue for an Atlantic spirit, to a lighter Mediterranean blue, you will have the choice! To complete your decor, do not hesitate to add a small layer of gray in the decorative objects to remind the pebbles of the great expanses of the beaches. By playing only with colors, your decor will be planted and the whole will remain very elegant.

Paint your walls white, to bring clarity to the whole. If you have paneled walls, this accentuates the "beach house" effect, like Californian houses.

Gray and purple parquet for a charming style

A gray parquet can very well evoke a weathered floor, aged by time. In this case, it invites a charming decoration where antique furniture rubs shoulders with heathered pieces for a slightly outdated atmosphere. This is especially the time to fall for shabby chic furniture, in gray / white shades.

To warm up the whole, you can use purple, purple or old pink tones that will bring softness to the whole room. Bring in color through paint or wallpaper but also through textiles using curtains or cushions. This combination is ideal in a girl's bedroom or in a country living room.

For a retro-chic atmosphere, add a few decorative objects in golden brass such as a light fixture or trinkets. The golden metal goes very well with purple as well as with gray.

Gray parquet and shades of beige for a boho atmosphere

In recent years, neutral colors of Scandinavian inspiration have become essential. Suddenly, you are perfectly in mind with your gray parquet.

This type of decoration is particularly suitable for a boho interior. To complete your decor, all you have to do is use neutral shades of monochrome. You will be able to play with a little more gray but you will especially choose beige tones and natural wood which will allow you to have a warmer room.

Walls, furniture, and decorative accessories will keep the same colors for a beautiful harmony. It is ideal for a cocooning-inspired living room or bedroom where you will play with warm materials such as wool, macramé or cotton.

Gray and black parquet for the designer touch

Gray is a real asset for a refined decoration because the dark color will enhance the lines of the furniture. We can then bet on designer decor starting from a gray parquet that will add a more contemporary touch.

To emphasize this, we then choose black which will be installed on the furniture or even a section of wall. Do not hesitate to play with a black and white contrast which will offer you a graphic decoration with your gray parquet background.

The advantage of this combination is that it can be applied to any room in the house, even the entrance or the toilet for visual decoration with a strong character. It is a style that is particularly suitable for a contemporary house (architect's house type) or a large loft-style apartment.