Use glass tiles in your home

Use glass tiles in your home

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Glass tiles, more commonly known as glass bricks, are more and more often used in contemporary homes. They are perfect for allowing light to enter the house while preserving the privacy of the occupants. Solid material, thermal and sound insulating, glass can be colored and magnifies any room in the house.

The advantages of glass tiles

Aesthetic, glass tiles are second to none to bring light to a room or light up a dark staircase. Whether transparent or colored, they are distinguished by their transparency that cannot be found in concrete blocks and other bricks. Also, glass tiles can be used to create a partition between two rooms without the need to create a window. Other advantages and not least, the glass bricks are solid and durable over time, and offer perfect resistance to fire, knocking and humidity. They contribute to the comfort of the home while preserving the environment because they are excellent thermal insulators. Thanks to these glass bricks, it is therefore possible to save energy and, consequently, financial. This type of partition is also an excellent acoustic insulator.

Brick or kit installation

Erecting a glass brick partition can be discouraging for the uninitiated. Brick laying is therefore to be reserved for regulars of interior work who can choose between dry laying with putty finish and traditional laying with mortar. On the other hand, the task is easier if we opt for prefabricated elements. On the other hand, since glass tiles are very heavy, they require adequate floor support. A point to be checked by a professional before any work. Finally, the installation of a glass brick partition is quite long, but the result is well worth it.

For a high-end decoration

Perfectly integrated into any room in the house, the glass block or glass block is a decorative element in its own right. We love it in the bathroom that it bathes in light while protecting the interior of this particular room from prying eyes. Glass tiles are therefore recommended for mounting a shower partition where it may not be possible to install an opening. Also remarkable for creating an interior garden, the glass brick wall floods this relaxation area with light and contributes amply to the well-being of the occupants and plants. Thanks to him, it can be easier to grow rare, exotic or fragile plants. Such a space can very honorably replace a veranda.

Play with the color of the glass blocks

Light and color are an integral part of interior decoration. Glass blocks are available in many colors, it may be wise to opt for a yellow glass block in order to brighten up rainy days. For a personal touch, red is invigorating in an entry, sumptuous silver in a designer living room, blue brings a note of freshness in a kitchen. It only remains to choose between the different textures such as bubbled, wavy, smooth and checkered, and to be tempted by the opaque, shiny, sanded or satin appearance.