The trompe l'oeil seduces the house

The trompe l'oeil seduces the house

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Do you find your house lacking in style? That your apartment does not have the charm of a Haussmannian? The good news is that you can give your interior the cachet it lacks without moving, thanks to the trompe l'oeil which always offers more stunning effects.

Christophe Koziel, the king of trompe l'oeil

When we talk about trompe l'oeil in decoration, it is impossible not to mention the work of Christophe Koziel who really placed trompe l'oeil at the heart of the decoration in particular with his "visual impostures" which allow to install a piece of furniture on its wall, old frames without piercing the walls or even beautiful books that you will not read. You will understand, Koziel, it is the master of decoration who throws it. To stage the house, he also offers wallpapers that perfectly imitate materials such as stone, brick or quilt. Something to transform your home!

The trompe l'oeil boom

Building on the success of Koziel, many brands then tried their hand at trompe l'oeil. In this way, there are many wallpapers that can give character to its interior without moving to an overpriced apartment. You can install a dream library without taking up space and afford moldings worthy of the most beautiful classic apartments while living in a popular neighborhood. A real decorative revolution that allows you to transform your home as you wish. Our last favorite? The trompe l'oeil designed by Maison Martin Margiela that transport us into the very chic and classic universe of the creator with doors with incredible moldings and perspectives that will transform your interior.