Philips HF3500 Light Awakening Test

Philips HF3500 Light Awakening Test

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This time would be able to make a lotto winner depressed! And since the option to go to Seychelles for 6 months involves selling half of your house, here is a much cheaper alternative solution: the dawn simulator!
Already present for several years on the Philips catalog, the Awakening Light has been available since September 2013 in a completely new round shape. It is therefore in this last range that I was able to test this kind of "therapy" supposed to improve my awakening and therefore my morning mood. There are currently two round models, one of which also offers an FM radio and two bird sounds for the alarm (the HF3505 model). For my part (no luck), I discovered the other model, the HF3500 with a single alarm sound and no radio. Between the two, you also have a logical price difference since the HF3550 is advertised at € 90 against € 70 for the second.

The principle

The dawn simulator is a promise of gentle awakening. It is therefore supposed, as the name suggests, to reproduce a sunrise effect so that your brain slowly registers the need to get out of sleep. According to Philips, the benefit has been scientifically proven and 92% of users have found waking up more pleasant. I regret that I could not find links to the study which proves this. We will have to take Philips' word for it.

Lux, lumen, how light there was!

Far from having the scientific spirit to "enlighten" you (ah ah!) On the light intensity and its measurements, I can only assure you of the good quality of the light in a subjective way. According to the characteristics, its light intensity is 200 lux which may not tell you anything but which is largely sufficient in my opinion. This light can be modulated and you therefore have 10 different intensity levels. Light awakening is not just about shining in the morning (ah ah bis!), It can also be used as a "simple" bedside lamp. It is also this last way which won my preference because it is really nice to have a bedside lamp which can, with the choice, to bring much or little light.

The settings

The handling of the Awakening Light does not pose any particular problem. Connected to the mains, the device immediately offers to be informed of the time. To set the clock, just press the + or - buttons while the numbers are flashing. You can also change the time using a button on the back of the device. On the front you can control the alarm time by pressing the bell pictogram as well as the brightness with the sun pictogram. The two functions can also be configured with the + and - buttons.
You always have the instructions for use to get you out of trouble. A notice also not without interest since it was reading this morning that I understood that the numbers on the clock could also be less visible (watch the video and you will understand).

The alarm

When you have set your wake-up time, your Light Awakening will gradually light up half an hour before the alarm. The purpose of the maneuver is not to make you go from night to day but to make you go from night to a little less night, to even less night, to less and less night. In short, pretend that the sun is really rising. If this dawn is not enough to pull you from the arms of Morpheus, a last resort is always possible with an audible alarm which, in the case of my tested model, is unfortunately not very pleasant (but which has the merit of operate)! If you use your Wake Up Light as a bedside lamp, be sure not to re-select your level of brightness because the alarm will be set to the last intensity chosen.

An informed opinion

I must admit that I have never been very receptive to therapies that can be described as alternatives. There is a whole universe of well-being with which I feel a little foreign. For example, I may be one of the few people who do not rejoice when I receive a massage. Regarding the benefit of the Awakening Light, I cannot comment, in particular because I used the product a little badly as I explain in the video. However, I regret that the audible alarm is also aggressive, which makes waking up much less pleasant. The alarm function is therefore for the moment still to be proven at home, on the other hand the bedside lamp function is clearly adopted: I appreciate being able to modulate the intensity according to my needs. It allows me to read without disturbing the sleep of my neighbor by bed and to appreciate a soft light which does not attack my eyes during my reading.

Philips, Eveil Lumière HF 3500/01, price: 70 €