Landscape advice: a water garden

Landscape advice: a water garden

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A symbol of purity and fertility, water is essential for life. In the garden, the presence of a water point is an invitation to relax and unwind. Lying on a lounge chair, you just have to take the time to observe the ballet of the dragonflies, listen to the flow of water and contemplate the reflection of the clouds on the surface to feel a feeling of deep well-being.

How to set up a water garden?

Creating a pool is not as complex as it seems. With a pre-molded shape, compost for aquatic plants and a few pebbles to wedge the plantations, the pool will be ready to receive water lilies, lotuses ... and even goldfish! Around a basin, large pots in pink resin accommodate horsetails, rushes and Phalaris. At the bottom, there are many aquatic plants, such as mallets (Typha latifolia ), marsh irises, horsetails and variegated rushes ... The arums of Ethiopia (Zantedeschia aethiopica ), which are distinguished by their large foliage and large white flowers, also like moist, acidic soils. Finally, a dogwood mindwinter fire will particularly enjoy the cool and humid atmosphere of this water garden.

The gardener's advice

To grow aquatic plants in tubs, buy pond cover and staple it inside your containers to make them perfectly airtight. Here, the vertical lines of equisetum bring structure to this water garden.

The accessories

The Pelvis There are many solutions to create a pond in your garden with tarpaulin or pre-molded shapes. However, take the time to seek the advice of a specialist before you start digging, to avoid disappointment afterwards. Also take care that no tree can damage the basin with its roots.
A rot-proof wooden terrace If you opt for a wooden terrace, choose an untreated naturally rot-proof European wood, such as Douglas wood.
Resin tanks The colored resin tubs bring a contemporary dimension to this water garden.


Aquatic plants Lotus, water lilies Nymphaeas "Charles de Meurville"
The other plants Marsh iris, rushes (Juncus effusus ), horsetails (hyemale equisetum ), phalaris arundinacea "Picta", mallet (Typha latifolia ), arums from Ethiopia (Zantedeschia aethiopica )

Estimated budget

Before you start, be aware that aquatic gardening is much more expensive than traditional gardening and that it requires more preparation beforehand. However, the result can be spectacular and worth the investment. Flowering a fish pond Our practical videos balcony, terrace and garden