How to choose your armored door?

How to choose your armored door?

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To prevent the risk of burglary and ensure the security of your home or a room in particular, the shielding of openings is undoubtedly the most common option. Indeed, a good armored door can effectively slow down and discourage attempted break-ins. You still have to choose the right one… Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a renovation or a door installation

An armored door that meets standards

As with all products related to security of goods and building, armored doors are governed by manufacturing standards. So, during your purchase, require a door with A2P certification. More explicitly, an A2P certified armored door is a door whose security lock and all of the accessories have successfully passed all types of burglary resistance tests. The A2P standard is accompanied by a numerical classification which provides information on the level of security. Example: 1 indicates that the door can withstand the most violent assaults for 5 minutes (we know that 90% of burglars become discouraged after 3 minutes when they fail to pass the barrier that constitutes the door).

The choice of frame and closing points

The armored door closing points and the frame are elements that are of paramount importance in the choice of your armored door. In fact, the more closing points at the level of the lock, the more secure the door. In general, armored doors have three, five, or exceptionally seven closing points. But before choosing the right model, it is necessary to take into account the equipment you have in your home. Thus, if you have underfloor heating or a fragile covering such as marble for example, you will then have to choose a door whose closing points are exclusively lateral. As for the steel cladding of the armored door, it must be placed directly on a wooden frame. It is undoubtedly the best option, especially for renovations.

The other criteria

Beyond the quality and safety aspect, it is necessary to take into account the aesthetic aspect when choosing your armored door, which represents above all one of the main elements of the external appearance of your house. In this context, you can make a clever choice by opting for a two-color armored door in harmony with your exterior decoration and your interior design. And to ensure the durability of your armored door, consider corrosion protection, at least for the exterior. Finally, since an armored door is also a good insulation tool and an excellent firebreak, do not hesitate to take these parameters into account to choose an armored door as functional as possible.