I want exotic flowers in my room

I want exotic flowers in my room

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Want to add some color to your room? What if you are tempted by exotic flowers? Not in jars, but indeed printed on linens, they bring in the sun and good humor in no time! To finish convincing yourself, discover some ideas for adopting them.

For a natural style

A need for a getaway in a distant land ... quickly, we get exotic flowers without delay! In the bedroom, they invite themselves on the wall, on the curtains, in a duvet cover or in a bedspread, in short all the fabrics seize it and that's good. It is nature lovers who will be delighted. Hibiscus and other colorful flowers decorate the room with ease and create a very pleasant change of scenery with the arrival of good weather.

Photo credits: Becquet

Use them sparingly

Be careful though to use exotic flowers sparingly at the risk of transforming your room into a greenhouse. For example, only bet on flowery bed linen that will come up against white walls. Conversely, if you choose to put a wallpaper covered with exotic flowers at the head of the bed, opt for a plain and neutral duvet cover. Only a few cushions reminiscent of the wall will take care of the decor.

Photo credits: Zara Home / Becquet