DIY corner: a community dedicated to DIY and DIY

DIY corner: a community dedicated to DIY and DIY

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To help you find your way in the DIY world, we went to meet the "DIY corner", a community site that will give you ideas and advice for your home.

What services does the DIY corner offer?

The DIY corner is the community dedicated to DIY and creative decoration or more commonly do it yourself. The DIY corner invites you to discover original daily project ideas such as building an original shelf for your bathroom, creating a coffee table with a palette or even more unusual projects such as creating an R2-D2 robot from Star Wars with a barrel. The DIY corner is also classic DIY: discover tutorials to help you with your home improvement projects, free tests of tools from the Bosch brand and Dremel sponsors of the platform.

Who are your experts?

Our private or professional experts are present free of charge to give you advice, tips and recommendations on the tool best suited to your projects. Also participate in regular entertainment and contests to stock up on gifts.

Where can we find you?

Join us on the DIY corner or follow us on Facebook.