How to maintain a mower?

How to maintain a mower?

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Answer: the casing and the wheels must be maintained after each use, check the condition of the engine and the belts once a year.

A mower contains several elements, the more or less regular maintenance of which will extend its service life and improve the quality of the mowing. After each use, it is necessary to clean the wheels and the casing of the mower, as these elements tend to get dirty easily. Remember to unplug the mower, and wear protective gloves (the housing is near the blade) when cleaning. Remove the blades of grass that have stuck on the housing and the wheels, using the tool of your choice or a water jet. About once a year, check the condition of the belts, the blade and the mower motor. The belts or certain parts of the engine (air filters, spark plug) may require replacement. And the blade may possibly need to be sharpened. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions provided when purchasing the mower for more information.