The 2-seater loft bed to save space

The 2-seater loft bed to save space

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What is a loft bed?

The bunkbed, as its name suggests, is a structure that presents a high sleeping, and which is accessed either by stairs or by a ladder. The primary purpose of the loft bed is therefore obviously to save space on the floor in a room that is a little lacking.

Indeed, theinterest of the loft bedis to take advantage of the space below the bed to create an office space, a storage space, a bench to create a small sitting area ... in short, thanks to the loft bed, you almost gain an extra room!

The loft bed is a piece of furniture which can be found either in a simple format (90x190 cm) for children and teenagers, but also in a version double loft bed with beds in 140x200 cm. There are versions:

  • Fixed, could not be more classic, with access to the bed through steps or a ladder.
  • Electric, with the bed going down thanks to an electric motor (practical to avoid young children from climbing a ladder or stairs to reach their bed).

To note : in terms of height under ceiling, it is generally necessary to plan 2.20 m to install a loft bed. Be careful and don't forget to measure or watch the height of the mezzanine before buying, just to make sure you have enough space in the sleeping area.

The strong points of the loft bed

If it has become more and more popular in recent years in children's and adults' bedrooms, it is because of its structure, the loft bed has many advantages:

  • Obviously, it allows above all to gain some ground in small rooms or in studios, and is extremely practical for small spaces.
  • The loft bed fits at all ages. Children love it for the escape and the pleasure it offers when sleeping high up. A real little cocoon that also rhymes with security, because children's models comply with standards, with barriers and compulsory secure access. For the teenager, the mezzanine becomes larger, higher, and the "play" space below gives way to a large desk, shelves or a relaxation area with a sofa. And for older children, the 2-seater loft bed with a larger bed!
  • The loft bed can be modular, and sold with additional fittings. All in one models, with a sofa bed installed underneath, perfect for a teenage bedroom; models for two people, with an integrated desk or models for children with wardrobes, shelves and desk.
  • Made of wood, metal, the loft bed is a design object which gives character to a room. For children, the creators let go with pirate bed models for example. Some designers have even thought of the mezzanine bed with a tray that rises and lowers when you want to go to bed!

What budget for a loft bed?

For a cheap loft bed, prefer the kit models that you will have to assemble yourself: in a single version, they are accessible from 100-200 € (count 400 € on average), and 600 € on average for a model of loft bed 2 places with double bed.