Playful accessories at low prices for summer aperitifs

Playful accessories at low prices for summer aperitifs

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In summer, a wind of freedom arouses in us desires of fantasy, to share with friends around a festive aperitif. On the menu: a festive air, vibrant colors, playful shapes and patterns that make you smile, all at a lower cost.

Stylized aperitif service

Stop the bowls transformed into small bowls for sweets and appetizers. This summer, we are teaming up for real! At Maisons du Monde, we vote for the wooden tray and its 6 pebble-shaped compartments that create a holiday atmosphere, all for around € 30. But our fantasy favorite for less than € 15 is the Luminarc salad bowls printed with pretzels, olives, cherry tomatoes or chips, which seem to be filled even when empty!

Chic and cheap glasses

With its Godis Mix collection, models dotted with liberty patterns or large flowers for girls (€ 6 for 6), Ikéa meets our desires for pretty glasses at light prices. As for stemware, we adopt the Lali d'Alinéa wine glasses and their tinted green background, or these very glamorous pink cocktail glasses named Tema at less than € 18 for 6.

Funny ice cubes

In the saga of funny ice cubes which will amuse the guests and will come to give a touch of madness to the juice / soda or cocktail formulas, we retain the ice cube mold like "dentures" or "guitar" to find on the side of the Chaise Longue or the "Invaders" version to find at Fleux, all for less than 10 €. And for the more festive models, why not swap the classic shot glasses for frosted versions thanks to the ice mold of Cool Shooters? The price is higher, but the unusual look is there!

Playful spikes

At Koziol, we select a series of pikes for colorful, almost flashy appetizers, surmounted by a pretty little bird. The set of 8 is less than 8 €. A touch full of fantasy that is sure to brighten up the table!