What is an air intake terminal?

What is an air intake terminal?

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Answer: the start of the Canadian well circuit. It is it which collects, filters and blows the outside air into the underground pipes.

An air intake terminal has filters that pre-treat the air by removing dust and pollen. The entrance to the terminal is protected by a gate, preventing entry of small insects and animals (birds, rodents, etc.) into the pipes. A protective cap prevents the intrusion of rainwater into the pipes. The air intake terminal of the Canadian well should ideally be placed at a height of at least 1 m from the ground and as far as possible from the surrounding sources of pollution. There are several models on the market, ready to use or as a kit. Make your choice based on the strength of the bollard and your aesthetic criteria: remember that unlike buried pipes, the air intake bollard will be clearly visible on your property. Finally, be aware that it is entirely possible for a good handyman to make their own air intake terminal. You too, send us your brico question