Video: create an office with handling pallets

Video: create an office with handling pallets

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Thanks to the recycled spirit, let's get started in the manufacture of a trendy office at a lower cost! On the program, three handling pallets, a little paint, screws, cleats and a plexiglass board.

Watch the video :

Level: difficult Completion time : 3 hours Indicative cost: 30 € Necessary material : 3 handling pallets + plexiglass board + 4 cleats

Steps 1: create the office

- Saw off the surplus of the boards protruding from the pallet spacers - Place two pallets vertically on the third to form an office - Draw marks corresponding to the width of the vertical pallets - Saw the pallet on the ground following the marks - Position the sawed pallet on the other two to create the desk - Screw the pallets together - Reinforce the structure by screwing two battens at the back of the desk - Saw off the surplus - Sand the formed desk

Step 2: paint the office

- Paint the desk in orange "tangerine tango", color of the year 2012 - Paint the top boards in rain gray to create a contrast - Leave to dry for 2 hours and place the plexiglass plate on the desk - Note the measurements of the desk on the plate and cut it following the marks - Position the plate on the desk and remove the protective film The decor tip: before repainting the desk, create small lockers on the sides by screwing cleats on the spacers. A simple and clever way to add two additional storage spaces for work supplies! Shopping: Work lamp, gray, Aröd, IKEA Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi