Electrolux Ultrapower stick vacuum cleaner test

Electrolux Ultrapower stick vacuum cleaner test

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It is the first time that I could really test a stick vacuum cleaner at home thanks to Electrolux who entrusted me for a few days with its new stick vacuum cleaner, the Electrolux Ultrapower ZB 5011.

The vacuum cleaner that sweeps away the drawbacks

At the risk of revealing the whole intrigue to you from the start, I want to start with a big yes! A big yes for the broom vacuum cleaner which has become a kind of new companion in the house. Housed in a corner of the corridor, it went out for any reason because if we compare with the canister vacuum cleaner which must be taken out of the closet, carried and plugged in, the cordless vacuum cleaner like this one is a real health walk. That said, this is the case with all cordless vacuum cleaners, this is a general information and it is not unique to the one I tested. Still in this spirit of generalities, the cordless vacuum cleaner nevertheless has the disadvantage of not being provided with accessories such as the canister vacuum cleaner (at least, only a few models offer accessories), it is then very difficult to be effective on baseboards, corners and under certain furniture. For me, it is therefore a (very) good complementary vacuum cleaner, one that will keep your floor impeccable every day after the weekly passage of the canister vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner that sweeps away your prejudices

When I received the Ultrapower and I started the machine, I was immediately struck by its front lighting, now available on most of the brand's stick vacuums. I found this gadget before using it but once started, we wonder why not all vacuum cleaners have this function. All you need is a slightly dark corner, a sofa cover and you immediately understand its interest. We finally see if we suck well! On the other hand, one can wonder what will be the lifetime of this lighting and if the lamps can be replaced (it does not seem to be the case and nothing is specified in the user manual) .

The vacuum cleaner that sweeps your hair

Among the novelties of this upright vacuum cleaner, Electrolux highlights a new technology called Brushrollclean which removes stuck hair and animal hair from the rotating brush. It is the same objective as for actu: 752825 "the self-detangling brush from Dyson" of which I had spoken but the system is different: this time it is a blade which will be actuated with a button. The brush turns and during this time, the blade will cut hair and hairs which can then be vacuumed. In practice, I found this technology less efficient than on the Dyson brush. If you wait too long before using this function, your hair will be too numerous and the thickness will prevent the blade from working properly. Not to mention that a blade is unfortunately worn over time and again, nothing indicates that it is replaceable.

The vacuum cleaner that lasts longer than you

In terms of performance, the Ultrapower is not called ultrapower for nothing. The model that was entrusted to me, the ZB 5011 displays a power of 24 volts (among the most powerful on the market) and a range of 50 minutes. His autonomy is really impressive and we get tired before him. Another innovation, the vacuum cleaner battery is extractable and replaceable. This allows you to both extend the life of your device (since a battery is not eternal) but also to equip yourself with an additional battery, if desired, in order to double its autonomy. With its support, wall or posable according to your desire, which allows to recharge the battery, I have never had the opportunity to fall flat.

The vacuum cleaner that sweeps away difficulties

In use, we are amazed by its comfort of use. First because it rolls wonderfully especially on hard floors, it could almost move on its own and its weight of 5.3 kg is really not an obstacle because we do not feel it. Thanks to this, its 180 ° articulation is done naturally. It has three operating modes: an ignition mode which is the normal mode, a booster mode which is activated on the handle and a silent mode activated in the same way. The buttons are located where you hold the device, so it's very simple. Obviously, one can only appreciate the freedom of wireless which allows not to worry about possible obstacles. Finally, note the essential parking position which keeps the vacuum cleaner upright, essential when you need both hands to move an obstacle for example.

The vacuum cleaner that maintains

If the autonomy of the Electrolux Ultrapower is more than satisfactory, it is still limited by the capacity of the dust bin which is 0.80 l and which fills up very quickly. However, after a comparison with other stick vacuum cleaners, this capacity is among the largest. I therefore advise, if you want to buy this type of device, to learn about the capacity of the bin to avoid going back and forth between the trash and the vacuum cleaner. To empty the vacuum cleaner, a button is used to detach the container and then empty it. It is also necessary to regularly dust the filter by actuating a "zipper" which will cause the dust to fall. Electrolux advises to pull 5 times to evacuate the dust but it is clear that after 10 actions, the dust still evacuates. The filter is washable with lukewarm water and you must then wait a minimum of 12 hours. Mandatory steps if you want your vacuum cleaner to remain efficient.
And finally, the video that shows you everything you need to know about this vacuum cleaner.

Its strong points

* Its maneuverability * Its "headlights" * Its autonomy * Its ease of maintenance * The cordless and bagless * Its fairly discreet base

Its weak points

* Its capacity * Does not go under certain furniture * Its lack of accessories * Its function Brushrollclean which, for me, is perfectible

The verdict

Despite its few drawbacks, I became a real fan of this stick vacuum cleaner for its ease of use. I now know what my priorities are if I had to buy one, especially the power, the range, the capacity of the bin and the headlights! Electrolux, Ultrapower stick vacuum, ZB 5011, € 249