Video: retro table decor for tea break

Video: retro table decor for tea break

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Since the start of the season, tea breaks have made a comeback. At 5 p.m., it's around a hot tea and a few cookies that we find comfort, and it's even better if the table is nicely set! Discover our ideas for a retro and charming table decoration.

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First step, we invite the retro style with industrial gray. As such, we have an anthracite gray tablecloth on three quarters of the table and on the last quarter, a tablecloth adorned with eternal gingham checks, a nod to the 1950s. We then have a pretty Japanese teapot chosen also in a shade grey. Transparent glass plates make their debut, but they are romantic mottled and mismatched cups that perfectly accentuate the fifties style. For a refined and elegant touch, we put on beautiful tea bags (or boxes), a chic cake display and so British, a charming lace parasol. All that's left is to focus on gluttony. Above all, a successful tea break is rich… in sweetness! We therefore garnish the retro plates with delicious cookies. We fill translucent cups with chocolates, we expose a dozen cupcakes or macaroons on the cake stand, we choose napkins with gourmet patterns. Good tasting !Shopping Teapot, ALINEA Transparent glass plate, IKEA Cupcakes, Cupcake and Macaron Styling and staging: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi