How to change a paver?

How to change a paver?

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Answer: an operation which depends on the type of sand on your paving.

If your paving is done on a bed of sand, you can simply pry on the damaged paving stone with a brick lever and a wedge. Also remove those around it before adding sand and packing it. Replace the pavers, including the new one of course, tamp down with a mallet and redo the joints. The operation is a little more delicate with stabilized sand. In this case, you need to drill small holes in the damaged paver (from the center) and then break it with a chisel and hammer. Remove all the pieces. Place a thin layer of stabilized sand with your trowel, tamp it down firmly and place your new paver. Protect your paving with a wooden plank before hammering the paver and of course finish with the joints. You too, send us your brico question