Video: treat a poinsettia against an attack of white flies

Video: treat a poinsettia against an attack of white flies

Is the underside of your poinsettia's leaves strewn with white spots? Jacques, one of the experts from the Plant Clinic, gives you his advice for treating a poinsettia after an attack by white flies. How to protect the plant from these insects? How to dislodge them if they have already settled under the leaves? Follow Jacques' advice on video.

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Auscultation and diagnosis

The poinsettia of which we speak in this sequence has white insects hanging under its leaves. It is an attack of white flies. In specialist jargon, these insects are called whiteflies. They are from the same family as aphids, a variety that attacks greenhouse plants and houseplants in particular. These white flies abound in warm places. If the poinsettia is not treated in time, it may lose its vigor.

Some recommendations

Poinsettia is generally grown in an isolated location. To avoid an attack of whiteflies, it is recommended to install your plant in a cool place. During the winter, expose your plant outside the house for a day. During the other seasons, you just have to place it in a cool corner of your house to avoid an invasion of white flies and dislodge insects which could already have clung to the plant. For severe cases, it is best to use an insecticide, such as pyrethrum. You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic!