What is remote monitoring?

What is remote monitoring?

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According to the National Observatory of Delinquency, burglaries on the national territory increased by 17.1% compared to 2010, which brings the figures to just over 400,000 burglaries per year in France. Faced with this significant increase, more and more French people are opting for reinforced protection of their habitat. Many more or less economical solutions are possible, including remote monitoring. But what exactly is it? The editorial staff responds to you.

A reinforced protection system

Remote monitoring is a set of systems enabling a remote monitoring service to be provided. All devices that communicate with the monitored place, and that communicate themselves with someone outside, are called remote monitoring systems. Previously reserved for public places or used to reinforce road safety, telemonitoring has gradually become a private security option acclaimed by households. The reasons for its success? An interactive alarm system that allows you to be aware of comings and goings to your home in real time, coupled with an increasingly accessible price. The remote monitoring systems are very varied and there are many offers. However most of them are composed of the following elements: -

Position and status sensor

: They are used to detect all movements inside your house, once the alarm is triggered. The infrared sensors are placed in the corners of the habitat to cover several rays. If you opt for magnetic contact detectors, these are to be positioned on the door frame or the opening of a window. -

Image sensor

: Surveillance cameras make it possible to view and record the images of the place to be protected by transmitting them by video link, IP network or wirelessly to a remote monitoring center. -

Telephone transmission

: It allows you to warn of an intrusion via an automatic telephone call (on your mobile phone or at a neighbor, a family member ...). If the house alarms with remote monitoring are all connected to the conventional telephone line, you should know that in the event of a cut in the latter (voluntary or involuntary), only the audible alarm will operate and no longer remote monitoring. However, there are now sophisticated systems that notify you by email or text message that the line has been cut.

A remote monitoring center

completes the alarm system installed in the home. In the event of an intrusion, a call is made to the central monitoring station, which can then notify the police if you have gone on vacation, or even bring in a security guard at your home.

Multiple services

With new technological advances, remote monitoring now offers much more than protection against burglary. It is now possible to couple your remote monitoring pack with a smoke detector (Surki offer at Afone Security) or even receive a text message when the youngest comes home from school (at EPS). How about security?