Choosing the right curtain rod

Choosing the right curtain rod

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Indispensable to our windows, the rod or curtain rod can leave us many questions! What type of rod? What mouthpiece? What material? So many questions that we suggest you address to help you choose the right curtain rod.

Choose your technical curtain rod…

First of all, to choose your curtain rod, you need to ask yourself a few questions. If you can pierce your walls, you will opt for a traditional curtain rod. Conversely, if you do not want to pierce the walls you will have to opt for a suction rod which will support, however, not double curtains. Last solution, you can also put your rods on the window frames. Note that this solution will be used mainly if you do not have enough space between the top of the window and the ceiling. Regarding the length of the rod, know that it should exceed 20cm on each side. You will understand, you must first choose a rod that will be suitable for your window and its use.

… And decoration!

Once the technical model has been selected, it's time for decor And you will be spoiled for choice, first in materials. Today, you will find rods in colored plastic, in wood, in metal or even transparent models. We advise you to choose a material suitable for your interior: wood for a natural style, metal for an industrial style for example. Then do the same for the choice of tip. You will find contemporary models with geometric shapes, more classic models with flowers or scrolls or even simple tips that are very discreet. So keep in mind the style of your curtains so that the rod matches the best!