5 ingredients for a vegetable table decor

5 ingredients for a vegetable table decor

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Freshness and well-being are at the rendezvous when you choose to decorate your table with a vegetable style. Shades of green, natural materials, small plants, just a few smart accessories to bring nature into the dining room. To help you see more clearly, here are 5 essential ingredients for a vegetable table decor.

A green or white tablecloth

The basis of a vegetable table decoration is of course a green tablecloth. And beware, there is no question of choosing any green depending on the style you want to give. Bet on dark tones for a forest-style table and prefer light shades to create a table inspired by the garden. Another possibility that also has its small effect, starting with a white tablecloth and playing with green and brown accessories.

Table runners

If you have chosen a white tablecloth, you can play with table runners. Then superimpose different greens on the length of the table. You can also play with the materials; burlap, non-woven fabric, linen which will create a very natural decor.

Natural candles

To accessorize all this, we obviously opt for natural candles such as green or brown balls. To bring freshness, place a few white candles in the shape of flowers along the entire length of the table runner.


A natural table without plants, you can imagine, is inconceivable. To not overload the decor, we put on small boxwood or small plants with white flowers. To be on trend, we install them in zinc or terracotta pots.

Transparent pearls

Finally, you can reproduce the morning dew on your table with a few transparent pearls arranged here and there. We advise you to place them rather in the center of the table than alongside the plates, at the risk of your guests dropping them throughout the meal.