Berber carpets take on decoration

Berber carpets take on decoration

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Like a piece of jewelry, the carpet is the essential accessory that completes your decor. Latest trend to date, Moroccan woven Berber carpets that respond to the names of Boucherouite and Beni Ouarain. Sporting geometric patterns and a handmade look for a real authentic touch, discover our decorative zoom on the two most popular carpet styles this season.

The colorful Boucherouite Berber carpet

Photo credit: Secret Berbère You have surely already squinted on Boucherouite Moroccan rugs, without really knowing their name. Composed of bits of colored fabrics assembled with each other by hand by Moroccan women, these rugs in shimmering colors and abstract patterns enhance any interior that adopts them. From an ancestral manufacture, the Boucherouite Berber rugs are a real added value in your interior. A chic, vintage ethnic spirit is revealed in this colorful patchwork that promises never to fall on the same model.

The Beni Ouarain Berber carpet, sober in black and white

Photo credit: Secret Berbère The Beni Ouarain rugs take their name from a tribe of weavers from the Moroccan Middle Atlas. They are made of white and black sheep wool and have a good thickness, ranging from 25 mm to 40 mm. They were used as beds or to protect themselves from the cold, which also explains their rather long dimensions. Decorated with stripes or geometric patterns like diamonds, they were a late success compared to the Persian rugs, which were much more colorful and had more sophisticated patterns. But it is precisely this handmade and artisanal side that we like so much! The geometric patterns have inspired more than one artist like Le Corbusier, Matisse or Paul Klee.

But then where to adopt and get Berber rugs?

Photo credit: AM PM Berber rugs find their place in all rooms of the house. The Boucherouite Berber carpets, of long and thin dimensions, will revive a long corridor, for example, while the more discreet white and black Beni Ouarain carpets will warm the living room. The bedroom will also have the honor of dressing in a large Berber carpet. And why not install it like a hotel room, that is to say partly under the bed by letting it protrude on each side! To get them, there are different websites specializing in the sale of real Berber carpets. or offer a wide range of carpets, in different sizes, patterns and colors. Made in the pure tradition count between 600 and 3000 euros for real artisanal manufacturing. AM PM offers two carpets in this spirit, industrial manufacturing from 139 euros or just as affordable the Danish brand Hay offers a diverse and varied choice of Berber carpets handmade for an always unique look!