What does the roofing regulations say?

What does the roofing regulations say?

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Answer: French regulations provide for local and national standards which govern roofing work.

French legislation concerning the construction and renovation of roofs is binding. Indeed, there are many standards for setting local and national obligations. Rules at local level are laid down by the municipalities. They can determine the aesthetics of the cover and the slope or color. The Unified Technical Documents (DTU) list all of the national roofing rules. In the urban and landscape architectural heritage protection zone, you will need to ask the administration for a building permit authorization. This can be accepted on the advice of the architect of Bâtiments de France. An appeal to the prefect will be possible in case of refusal. Within 500 meters of a listed building, this notice is mandatory. Whether for flat, sloping or rounded roofs, the DTUs define the standards in force for the framework, insulation, ventilation, under-roof screen, vapor barrier, roofing materials, slope, ventilation, etc. For any modification of slope or materials used, an application for a building permit is compulsory. For identical renovation work, a declaration of work to the town hall is sufficient. You too, send us your decoration question