Deco mistakes to avoid when it's hot!

Deco mistakes to avoid when it's hot!

When the thermometer panics, the decoration gets carried away. We want freshness in the colors, light and practical furniture but above all to take care of our garden to devour it with our eyes. In short, we have only one goal in mind: to enhance your decor! Also to carry out this project, here are the 7 mistakes not to make in fine weather and especially when it is hot.

Mistake to Avoid # 1: Don't Bet on Color in the Garden

When summer returns, we invite color into its decor. Fluorescent, coral, pastel, one watchword: as long as the color is cheerful. Associated with the greenery, it creates a festive atmosphere in the garden which makes you want to linger. Cushions, deckchairs, tablecloths, crockery or paper lanterns are installed in your decor in solid color or gradient.

Mistake to Avoid # 2: Not having fans in the house

Often unattractive, however practical fans are out when temperatures rise. Prefer so-called "table" models. With color for a pop interior, in metal for a vintage spirit or refined for a design decoration, they are more decorative than the standing models.

Mistake to avoid n ° 3: do not dare garden furniture inside

Lower the thermometer by adopting wrought iron garden furniture. But contrary to popular belief, invite him into the house. It will add a "holiday home" look that goes so well with sunny weather.

Mistake to Avoid # 4: Do Not Bet on Scoubidou Furniture Outside

The return of vintage decoration has brought scoubidou furniture up to date. Chairs, armchairs resurface and in tart colors, simply refresh your decor. Light and retro, they are in fashion this summer.

Mistake to avoid # 5: don't bet on tie and dye

The fashionable "tie and dye" effect also takes up residence in the summer decor. This degraded tone invests in textiles as well as tableware or accessories. Cups, plates, curtains, cushions are affected by this trend. For a minimum budget and a maximum effect, create your own "tie and dye" at home with fabric dye.

Mistake to avoid # 6: don't put a mirror outside

Decorate your garden as you would decorate your interior. Comfortable armchairs, dining table are essential for living outdoors. But also remember to hang mirrors, hang frames, put cushions on the floor or even have candles and candle jars here and there.

Mistake to avoid # 7: do not install carpet on the terrace

Rugs are not just for the living room or bedroom. Be aware that there are beautiful colorful and braided rugs that settle outside. On the terrace, in the grass or near the swimming pool, they are often colorful and energize your decor.