Carpets are invited outside

Carpets are invited outside

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Trend alert: carpets are exported to the garden! The terrace, balcony or even the edge of your swimming pool can now be covered with carpets provided for this purpose, UV and weather resistant. Easy to maintain, they just need to be shaken and washed with water from time to time to keep their beautiful colors day after day. Do you like the idea? So take a look at our shopping list!

A carpet for the balcony and the terrace

Do you have a gray concrete balcony and want to give it a little life? Go ahead and buy an ultra decorative outdoor rug! Less expensive than covering the floor with wooden tiles or artificial grass, you can also change it according to the seasons and your desires. As for your old, somewhat decrepit terrace, it too can offer itself a little beauty by installing a pretty graphic and colorful outdoor rug totally in trend.

A carpet by the pool

Thick and soft, outdoor rugs are the ideal allies of pool edges. Often offered in neutral colors like gray or brown, they blend perfectly with the decor, practical so as not to denote in the garden. If you have children, don't hesitate to get one as soon as possible; this could prevent them from scratching their feet on a pebble when leaving the water. Another solution, as decorative as it is ecological: choose a bamboo carpet, very resistant to rain but which will not withstand all weather conditions either.