What is the difference between varnished and vitrified parquet?

What is the difference between varnished and vitrified parquet?

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Answer: glazing or varnishing is the same thing.

None, since glazing a parquet is varnishing it. Even if some seek the small animal by ensuring that the sealer is more resistant and less odorous than the varnish, this product remains all the same… a varnish and one of the three modes of finishing of a parquet - which can also be waxed or oiled. In concrete terms, this involves depositing an invisible and impermeable film on the parquet floor that will protect solid wood over the long term. In addition today, it no longer flakes like yesterday. Different types of varnish are available for vitrifying a parquet. Some are environmentally friendly, others include a hardener, others are tinted. The parquet is vitrified every ten years or so, but you can also regularly polish it to restore its luster. You too, send us your decoration question

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