The decoration gets gentrified

The decoration gets gentrified

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Fashion is an eternal renewal. After the simplicity of the Scandinavian furniture and the natural look of the wood, we start to love opulence again. Plush furniture, soft carpet and leather sofas are making their comeback. A spirit inspired by bourgeois interiors where we love quality, durability and where we appreciate know-how. Back on this new trend which appeared in the decor after being noticed on the fashion catwalks. Let's go for a so chic decryption!

A nostalgia that takes its source in the 30s to 70s

The neo-bourgeois decoration is inspired by bourgeois interiors. She draws her style from sophistication and noble materials. A backward step which could worry but which wants above all benevolent towards the consumer society since it puts in the tradition, enhances the heritage while putting forward the ancestral know-how.

Reason and quality take precedence over how we consume

It seems that the way of consuming decoration changes. After the "ready to decorate", here we start to take a closer look at what we buy, with a clear preference for "made in France" and for everything that has a sustainable aspect. Provenances, quality materials and comfort come first when it comes to making choices. Preferences that translate into decoration by a more assertive style and by the return of traditions and know-how. We are betting on the long term and on objects and furniture that we want to pass on to future generations as the bourgeois tradition wants. We thus fantasize about furniture carrying a soul and a history.

BCBG decor

Concretely in decoration the return of the neo-bourgeois style results in the use of dark colors drawing on bronze green, camel brown, mustard yellow or burgundy red. The colors echo the precious materials and are in extinct tones to enhance opulence. They are highlighted by iridescent colors to accentuate the relief. Gold, silver and pearl take over the decor for a very glamorous touch.

Quality materials with neat finishes

The seats of the sofa or armchair type are in leather or smooth velvet, furs litter the floor, the sheets are in satin, the curtains in silk and the lacquered furniture. All of these elements create an impression of ostentatious luxury. In the kitchen, we store the latest equipment in favor of safe values ​​like Perceval knives made in pure French tradition. Wood is present but this time in species like mahogany, walnut or rosewood. Get inspired in Paris : to get a taste of this style, go to the Saint James hotel, in one of the most beautiful districts of the 16th arrondissement. This large bourgeois house was decorated by the decorator Bambi Sloan, who gives it style and grandeur. Hôtel Saint James 43 Avenue Bugeaud, 75116 Paris 01 44 05 81 81 Our practical videos