Low prices to customize your suitcase

Low prices to customize your suitcase

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Nothing is more sad than a black or blue suitcase that you can hardly recognize on the airport carpet. To remedy this problem, we suggest you revamp your suitcase with a few tips at low prices!

Idea 1: use accessories

Rather than writing your name on a simple sticker, play the fashion card using a label holder worthy of the name! You will find funny models, and others more chic in leather. In short, there is something for everyone and for all budgets. And if you don't put your suitcase in the hold, why not add a pretty scarf to the handle to give it a very fashion and personal side.

Idea 2: cover the suitcase

You no longer like your suitcase? Give it a new look without changing it thanks to covers specially designed to give a new aesthetic to your old suitcase. Not only does it provide original patterns and colors, but it also protects the suitcase from impact and dirt (the cover goes to the washing machine!). Practical and decorative: we love it!

Idea 3: stickers

To give a personal look to your suitcase, you just have to bring small stickers that you will stick on the walls. Do not hesitate to create a suitcase theme for each holiday since the stickers will peel off easily and are inexpensive. For this summer in New York: a statue of liberty and a yellow taxi and for next year's trip to China: a panda and some bamboos. Our practical recovery decor videos