What are the different guarantees when building a house?

What are the different guarantees when building a house?

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Answer: three guarantees are involved at different levels of construction.

Since construction costs are very high, there are legal protections. The guarantee of perfect completion covers defects apparent on delivery or appearing within one year of delivery. The contractor responsible for these defects is required to repair them within a time limit fixed by law. If he refuses, you can go to court. The guarantee of the elements of equipment covers the inseparable elements of the construction like the doors, the windows or the coatings. These items have a two-year warranty. The ten-year guarantee applies to building works, that is to say, constructions, renovations, fittings if they are inseparable from the building. It is through damage insurance that you will be reimbursed. The contractual guarantee concerns faults not guaranteed by the previous guarantees.