Mistakes to Avoid with the Tile Pattern

Mistakes to Avoid with the Tile Pattern

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The tile pattern is very nice and we love to use it to give a warm side to the house. The tiles remind us sometimes of the chalet atmosphere or the countryside atmosphere. Blue gingham and red gingham bring authenticity, while colored tiles bring originality and pep to your interior. In short, tiles are a decorative asset, provided you use them well. Here are some mistakes not to make.

Mistake # 1: Multiplying the tiles on the table

If there is a place where tiles have their place, it is on the table. We love the Vichy tablecloths which remind us of the atmosphere of country houses or the table of our grandmothers. Tiles are also very popular on dishes. However, tiles should be used sparingly. If they are present on the table linen, we opt for a solid tableware and vice versa. Another tip: do not mix the blue Vichy and the red Vichy, and always mix the Vichy with the white.

Mistake # 2: Putting tiles on all walls

Do you like tiles? Do not abuse it. The tiles can have their place on the walls. There are also sublime Harlequin or Designers Guild wallpapers. But do not put on all the walls! The tiles should be placed on a single pan and combined with coordinated plain. In the same spirit, do not put tiles on all the supports. If you choose to put tiles on the walls, don't put them on the carpet, sofa or bed.

Mistake # 3: Mixing the checkered patterns

The mix of patterns is a popular trend but vigilance is essential with tiles. Never mix different plaid fabrics! It's a big bad taste. The tiles can be combined with plain or fabrics with large patterns or even a single pattern. For example, for a country atmosphere, place a plain cushion, a checkered cushion and a cushion with a hen or a rabbit.

Mistake 4: Do not adapt the tiles to the decoration

There are a very large number of checked fabrics. It is therefore possible to choose tiles suitable for its decor or the atmosphere you want to create at home. If you have a warm decor, wooden or wrought iron furniture, the red Vichy or the blue Vichy is your ally. Multicolored checkered rugs can also find their place at home. If the atmosphere of your interior is modern or even contemporary, you should bet on atypical tiles or large black and white tiles. You can play with the size of the tiles and the colors but beware of inconsistent marriages!